March 2023
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Loans Advice Support


Loans are a big part of starting, growing, and sustaining your business. We have many financing options available, including:

  • Short-term loans
  • Loans for value-adding, boosting productivity, expanding products or moving into new markets
  • Loans to purchase an existing business
  • Loans to start a new business 
  • Loans for young entrepreneurs 18+
  • Loans for persons with a disability

Financing Possibilities - Financing may be available to help with start up costs, inventory purchases, equipment purchases, commercial land, building expansion or renovations, working capital, or sales available through a tender or bidding contract.

Advice & Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide smart and strategic business advice to help you prepare your business plan, increase know-how, find up-to-date market information, and expand your entrepreneurial skills through a range of resources.

Whether your question is big or small, we are here to help you. From...

  • registering your business name
  • choosing the best business structure
  • creating and maintaining your marketing strategy
  • managing your inventory
  • creating and managing your cash flow statement
  • managing staff
  • plus much more.

The best small businesses are created by people just like you.  Call us today 1-888-732-8999

Successful Management 101


Successful Management 101
Managing people is a critical aspect of any organizational structure; a company's success relies heavily on the effectiveness of its people management. So, what constitutes effective management...
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Is Success the Ultimate Goal?


Is Success the Ultimate Goal?
Success is often considered the ultimate goal, something most people strive for. We work hard, sacrifice time with family and our hobbies, and hopefully achieve success, which is...
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Beyond Active Listening


Coach's Corner - Beyond Active Listening
I read an article in MIT Sloan Management Review (September 21, 2022) by Nancy Duarte, a communications executive, and specialist, in which she outlined four adaptive listening styles that lie beyond...
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